Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Guy, A Girl, and a Taco Truck

A month or so ago Carlos tells me out of the blue that he wants to open a taco truck to sell fish and shrimp tacos someday.  I shoot him a look.  Yeah. Neat. That might be fun someday. Down. the. road.

A few days ago I was getting pelted by tiny drops of hot oil as I fried up fish in our very own--wait for it...


But it takes me 3 days to get him to take out the trash, people!  Apparently his passion for this project trumps his passion for our family's garbage.

But seriously--all sarcasm aside--he did a fantastic job taking a piece-of-junk trailer bed, stripping it bare, completely rebuilding it, and creating a taco truck that is the envy of all the other taco trucks.

I'm not at all biased.

And I got to be his un-showered  still-in-pajamas  make-up-less lovely assistant.

I can't say I hated our time together.  If you told me 10 years ago that I'd marry a Mexican and we'd bond over a taco truck, well...


  1. Seriously? I am so jealous. Taco Trucks are my happy place. Lucky! He did do an awesome job- I love the sign, too- did you design that, Hayley? Classiest looking taco truck I have seen.

    1. Thanks, Rory! That's exactly what we were going for. :) I did make the sign, and Carlos designed the structure. I've been pleasantly surprised that every week we are selling, someone asks to take pictures of it. Huge compliment! We've been having lots of fun with it. Next time you're headed our way make sure you let us know. We'll have fish tacos ready for ya!